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Sarah, my 18-year-old daughter, uses pressed plant material as her paint to create wonderful pictures. Corn husks are her primary tools for three-dimensional work. Sarah's Lavender Cottage is the name of her business her gallery/studio.
Sarah's Lavender Blog
Sarah's blog includes thoughts about her artwork, projects and play with siblings, gardening, music she enjoys and much more.

Nathaniel Samsel Music
Nathaniel, 17, produced his first CD early in 2012. His primary instrument is the mountain dulcimer, and he has won several awards for his playing, but he's also learning guitar and likes to experiment with pretty much any instrument he can get his hands on.

Nathaniel Samsel Outdoors
Nathaniel loves the outdoors as much as music, and he often travels with me on fishing trips. His outdoors blog chronicles angling outings, both local and distant, plus other outdoor adventures. Nathaniel produces all of the videos on our YouTube channel.

Asher Samsel
Asher, 11, maintains a blog about everything from pond trips to baseball games to play with his siblings.

Samselcom YouTube
Mostly fishing how-to videos, including a lot of pro tips, shot by me or Nathaniel and produced by Nathaniel

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