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quick links to stuff that's useful or interesting to fishermen

Bassmaster - Direct coverage or B.A.S.S. tournaments and pros, largely in the form of slideshows and angler blogs, plus an abundance of great bass fishing how-to material.

Cabela's - Nowadays, everything you need for an upcoming fishing trip is only a click or two away from landing on your porch. Online shopping at somewhere like Cabela's is especially handy when you live in a small town, away from major tackle outlets, and when you're getting ready to travel to do a very different type of fishing. For example, I'd have a hard time any finding ice-fishing gear or much saltwater gear in North Georgia. - A true community of crappie anglers, with more than 26,000 members and several hundred online and active on the site at most times. It's like sitting at giant "community table" in a diner, where all anyone talks about is crappie fishing.

Fishing for Kids Resources Guide - Oodles of great information and helpful links brought together in one place. A big shout-out to the youth at the Brenham Community Center in Texas for bringing this great page to my attention so I could share it.

Fishing Licenses - The US map on the Take Me Fishing license page has clickable links by state that take you to information about fishing license requirements and in many cases the opportunity to immediately buy the license you need for wherever you are headed. Sure beats looking for an open sporting good store or standing at a counter somewhere while someone tries to figure out how to sell you a license! While you're at Take Me Fishing, take a few minutes to look around. It's a great resource for a lot of stuff!

FishingTech - This site states a simple goal of helping anglers find and enjoy fishing technology, and it accomplishes that goal well. Breaks down technology in a meaningful way and provides practical product comparisons.

FLW Outdoors - FLW's home offers great and up-to-date coverage of all its tournament trails and great how-to features sharing the expertise of FLW bass pros. Material on the site is always fresh and seasonal.

KeepAmericaFishing - The united voice of the American angler, KeepAmericaFishing works to keep our public resources -- our oceans, streams and lakes -- open, clean and abundant with fish. Their website provides up-to-date information about virtually any issue related to keeping waters open to fishing and is a very good site to check on a regular basis.

Lurenet - Loads of fishing lures and misc. other gear from several brands in a single place. Every thing from Lindy ice jigs to Bomber offshore saltwater lures.

USGS Real-Time Stream Flow Map - A great tool for figuring wading or floating conditions, projecting water conditions and doing other scouting from home. Critical for waders and float-fishermen but beneficial to almost all fishermen. Just hover and click to get details about a specific location.

Weather - I know most fishermen have their favorite weather sites already and are far ahead of me. Still, the weather is so important to planning that it seemed like a big gap to not make a weather link handy. Any time I'll be traveling to fish I type in city name a couple of weeks out so it's handy to click on at the top of the page and so I can watch weather patterns. Forecasts change, but long-term outlooks are still handy for packing and for planning fishing strategies.

Wired2Fish - If you're a fisherman or a fan of fishing -- especially bass fishing -- you really need to bookmark Wired2Fish. They stay ahead of all the industry news and are continually adding great how-to, product and news content. Some is in written form. Some is video. All is timely, relevant and well put together.

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