Occasionally, I blog about about a product of some sort that serves me well in the creek or on the lake or something cool and new that's just been released. Could be a lure, a rod and reel, something to keep me warm or just some cool little gizmo that I believe warrants sharing with other fishermen. This page highlights stuff I've blogged about separately and will include a photo, a short description and a link to the full blog post. 

Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Kayak - Only 10 feet long and weighing less than 50 pounds, the Vapor serves me great as a travel boat. I can easily tote it atop of my car and can load and unload it alone. Despite its small size this boat is quite stable for fishing. It's also comfortable and dry and comes with rod holders, tie-downs for gear and a holding slot for that paddle when I'm fishing, which are the features that are most important to me. Vapor 10 Angler
                                                      Vapor 10 Angler Blog Post

Cabela's Fish Eagle 50 Travel Spinning Rod - I used a 6 1/2-foot medium-light version of this rod for the entire Rebel Trek and was nothing but happy with it's performance. From casting it and fighting fish, I'd have never guessed that it was a four-piece rod. Seamless action and seriously handy if space is tight or you need a rod to throw in a duffel for flying! Cabela's Fish Eagle 50

Fish Eagle 50 Blog Post

Cabela's Ripcord Duffel - These duffels are roomy, so I can stuff 'em full of junk, but they are soft and flexible so they basically only take up the amount of space as their contents. Plus, they are very light. Most importantly, I've used these for most travel for about five years now and have never torn one. Cabela's Ripcord Duffel

Ripcord Duffel Blog Post

Rebel Tracdown Ghost Minnow - My favorite small trout minnow, which was out of production for a while, came back in better form, with new colors and barbless hooks, last year. Casts like a bullet, gets down in current and jiggles and darts irresistably. Rebel Tracdown Ghost minnow

Ghost Minnow blog post

Hunter Specialties i-Kam Xtreme video eyewear - Sunglasses or video camera? Well, both, actually. The little hole in the middle houses the video camera lens, and one button makes the camera run. Loaded with a micro SD card, these glasses capture a few hours of very cool footage. Hunter Specialties.

i-Kam Xtreme blog post

Duluth Trading Company Armachillo Collection clothing - Literally cool because of something known as "made in the Jade technology" Armachillo Collection shirts, pants and hats are lightweight, comfortable and functional and ideal for summer fishing excursions. Duluth Trading Company

Armachillo Collection blog post

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