About Jeff Samsel

Jeff Samsel’s short answer any time anyone asks what he does for a living is that he writes fish stories. A content specialist for PRADCO Fishing, Jeff tells stories about fish, fishing, fishermen and fishing destinations through words, images and video clips. Jeff has also authored two books and contributed chapters to several others and has done a host of related projects, including public speaking, public relations work and magazine editing.

Jeff started his career in the late 1980s with a two-year stint as editor of South Carolina Waterfowl and Wetlands. He has since served five years as an editor for Game & Fish Publications and three years as public relations manager for PRADCO-Fishing. In the years in-between he has free-lanced full time from his home in the mountains of North Georgia.

Fishing adventures have lured Jeff as far from home as Canada’s Yukon Territory and Brazil’s Amazon River basin, but his absolute favorite fishing destination is only about 45 minutes from his house within the rugged gorge of crashing mountain river. Jeff fishes for and writes about pretty much everything that swims and believes every style of fishing has its own appeals. A few favorites are stream smallmouths, wild brown trout, marsh redfish and jumbo bluegills. He’s also developed an odd fondness for ice-fishing for someone who lives in Georgia.

Jeff and his wife Denise have six children – Sarah, Nathaniel, Asher, Autumn, Eli and Holly – all taught at home and any of whom could be along on any given fishing adventure.

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