Tuesday, June 28, 2011

St. Clair Smallmouth Bass

Limited computer access and lots of running have caused me to miss some timely reports. Some stuff warrants noting, though, even if it is after the fact. A good example is the fun day that Nathaniel and I spent with Doug Cummings of Fine Line Guide Service on Lake St. Clair a couple of weeks ago.

Nathaniel and I always enjoy a day on St. Clair with Cummings, who always seems to know exactly what's going on with the lake's hefty smallmouth bass. YUM F2 2ubes and Mighty Bugs were the day's top producers, but we also caught fish on XCalibur Square Lip crankbaits and Rattle Baits. The Xr50 Rattle Bait is Cummings' go-to lure for St. Clair smallmouth bass, and he keeps a couple of them rigged and ready at all times.

We caught a bunch of smallies, with several in the 4-pound range, plus plenty of overzealous rock bass an a couple of small pike. Nathaniel also had fun battling a couple of big drum, but you can read that for yourself on his blog.

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