Saturday, April 28, 2012

Great Expectations

Having spent a couple of  prior days at Dry Run Creek, an Arkansas special regs trout stream that caters to young anglers, Nathaniel and I had high expectations when we arrived at Collins Creek. In fact, Nathaniel came armed with a steelhead net, instead of a trout net. I was also excited because unlike Dry Run, Collins includes a short youth/adult team section.

A tributary of the legendary Little Red River, Collins Creek has regulations that read much like those for Dry Run. Also similar to Dry Run, it is in the Ozarks, beside a hatchery and adjacent to a trout-filled tailwater. Turns out the similarities end there -- at least that was where they ended yesterday. We found a creek that barely had a flow, and where Dry Run's pools stay loaded with trout, we didn't as much as spook a trout in the small creek. Nathaniel did have a couple of slaps at his lure by chubs, but that was the only fish life we saw.

Maybe water flow and trout habitat vary with hatchery operations and discharges into the creek and we just came at a very bad time. Hopefully that's the case because it appears a lot has been invested to create very nice access to a pretty section of creek that, with more water and trout, could provide a cool opportunity. Either way, I'm glad that Collins Creek was a quick side adventure to our main plan, and that Nathaniel gets to fish Dry Run Creek tomorrow!