Sunday, May 20, 2012

Added Color

The stained water we found at Shenango and Pymatuning lakes last week called for a little extra color, and a SkippyFISH Colored Marker seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. I saw immediate results when I added a chartreuse stripe to the sides of a blue-backed, pearl-bellied bait. Same Road Runner head, same vertical presentation, same spot. The only difference, other than the band of added color on each side,was that I started catching fish.

Our group had fun playing with the markers, which come in seven colors, whether to add a splash of chartreuse or orange for added visibility or to quickly transform a simple colored bait into a yellow perch imitation. Lure markers allow for quick modifications and make it easy to experiment with subtle changes as you seek to pattern fish any given day. They also allow you to "match the hatch" when you don't have a color that resembles whatever baitfish or critters the fish are eating.

I believe most anglers would agree that there's something really fun about making some little change in your presentation or alteration to your lure that you think might make a difference and then start catching fish. I know it's fun for me.