Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Simple Fishing

Occasionally I have to remind myself that Asher is 7 years old. While he enjoys trying out different lures and likes the challenge of trying to outwit a big bass, when the bass aren't cooperating, he still likes to feel something tugging at the end of the line. And it doesn't really matter if that something is very big. For those times, it's pretty tough to top a half a redworm fished beneath a bobber for bluegill, small bass or whatever else might choose to grab the bait.
One change I've made to my basic bobber rig this year is to trade the normal hook and split shot for a Lindy Ice Jig, which provides the small amount of weight needed and the hook in a single place, lessening the likeliness of tangles and making the rig even simpler. The Ice Jigs, which are really tiny, also come packaged with four little soft-plastic tails, so the offering still has appeal after a bluegill steals the worm. I've only begun using an Ice Jig for this application within the past couple of months, but so far it is working extremely well.