Friday, June 8, 2012

Pack Bags, Shop Trucks, Write Fish Stories

Chunky smallmouth bass are the main attraction in the Vermilion River in Northern Minnesota. Photo courtesy of Bill Rosner, Wild Country Guide Service.

Today's to-do list seems pretty packed, with trip preparation and an appointment to go look at a truck in South Carolina both complicating the need to make headway on some writing projects.

The day before a trip is usually somewhat broken. Beyond the obvious need to pack, I typically must take care of a host of things like banking, paying bills, making sure stuff is in order at home and making reservations or gathering phone numbers for the trip. Today's list includes a bit of all of the above, plus plans to go look at a Ford Expedition that I had transferred from one Carmax store to another and that arrived yesterday.

The trip that begins tomorrow, which will be my last work trip until late summer, promises to be fun and productive. In fact, I've been anticipating a float down Minnesota's Vermilion River ever since Billy Rosner of Wild Country Guide Service began telling me about his favorite stretch of river a couple of years ago. It's a super scenic stretch of river through the Minnesota Northwoods that is loaded with fat and angry smallmouth bass and northern pike and includes a couple of portages around river-wide waterfalls. We'll also spend on a day fishing Lake Vermilion, which the river feeds and which is also highly scenic, and then I'll travel to Mille Lacs lake for a day of walleye fishing.

Before I can go anywhere, though, I really need to make headway on some fish stories, so I supposed I'd better focus on writing for a while.

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