Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Rain

The good news about that about the rain that has been falling steadily through this morning's early morning hours is that three of my tents are getting dryness tests with no one inside them to get wet if they fail. Yesterday was a basement sorting day for me, and the effort included pulling out various tents I've accumulated over the years to figure out which still have the right stakes, which rain tarps go with which tents, etc. As part of the process, I set up three tents in the yard. I left them up overnight because they provided big evening fun for my three youngest children and I figured they'd like to continue that fun this morning.
The bad news is that Nathaniel has big fishing plans with our friend, Mr. Kenneth, who he often works with in town. They plan to load Nathaniel's johnboat on Mr. Kenneth's utility trailer and haul it to the little lake at Tallulah Gorge State Park. Nathaniel got all his gear gathered yesterday, and Mr. Kenneth took the day off work, so hopefully the rain won't mess up their plans. It looks like the current band will pass in plenty of time, but there could be more regenerating to the west and moving in this direction.

The other good part about the rain, which is more important than our immediate circumstances, is that we can really use the rain in North Georgia right now, and it has been a good soaking rain this morning. If trout streams and garden plots could smile, they'd be doing so right now.

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