Thursday, July 12, 2012

All You Can Catch Buffet

Road Runner Reality Shad Buffet

I suggested in an earlier post that multi-lure rigs would be a major trend at this year's ICAST show, and from everything I've seen while tracking the show through fishing websites, facebook posts, press releases and such, that clearly is the case. I'm not at the show this year, so I admittedly haven't seen them all. However, one such offering that catches my eye and that seems different from most is the Road Runner Reality Shad Buffet.

The biggest thing that sets this one apart is that it really is a lure, not a rig. The pieces are all in place, from line tie to hook points, and everything except the tails is permanently affixed. What that means to the average angler is that a Reality Shad Buffet is ready to use, right out of the package. More importantly, the wire has been cut and shaped and the heads and blades chosen so the lure will swim balanced and straight in the water column. Also, because the Reality Shad Buffet has only two heads and hooks, it will be legal to use in most states.

The Buffet is also a compact package, with the whole thing being less than 4 inches long. That means you can cast it on light or even ultralight gear for bluegills, white bass, trout, stream smallmouths and more or troll it with crappie gear. Little being a plus is partly a personal bias, I suppose, because I'm a huge fan of light gear. I enjoy casting diminutive offerings on light tackle for whatever chooses to bite. From a practical standpoint, though, I've also found that you catch more fish overall by erring on the small side with offerings.

I'm eager to see a final Reality Shad Buffet tied to my line and to put it to work in some of my favorite creeks and ponds.

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