Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Bug Bite

Having had not caught many fish last time we fished the pond and having seen a lot of fish sipping insects on the surface, Nathaniel, Asher and I toted a couple of fly rods along with the other gear when we  headed to the pond last night. In fact, I didn't carry another rod.

It seems like the bug hatch might have been the problem last week because fly-fishing produced several bream and bass last night even without the fish feeding on an obvious hatch.

The most productive specific rig was a Sneaky Pete rigged with a small Tellico Nymph as a dropper about a foot and a half beneath the floating offering. Most of the fish took the nymph, but the Sneaky Pete produced one and drew a couple of other strikes. It also served nicely as a "strike indicator"and probably got the attention of a few of the nymph fish by darting and spitting on the surface.

Asher actually started with a big fly rod popper cast with an ultralight trigger-spin outfit, but the fish wouldn't come up for the popper. Eventually he switched to a YUM Dinger, nose-hooked on a Daiichi Circle Hook and fished weightless, and caught a couple of bass before dark.

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