Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Welcome, "Southern Trout"

It's always fun to learn about a cool new resource. I just discovered Southern Trout, an electronic magazine and website devoted to trout fishing in the Southeast. The main site has a place for news, a blog and a cool photo gallery, so the content should be quite dynamic. The magazine has a clear focus on trout in the South, blending tradition and innovations, and covers everything from outfitters to fly patterns to destinations. The emphasis is on fly-fishing, but the content is not fly-exclusive.

Southern Trout is published by Don Kirk, a long-time Southern writer and trout fisherman and author of a classic book about trout fishing in the Smokies. The staff is made up of family member, each using unique skills to gather and deliver quality content. Contributors, based on the first issue, include many of many of the most knowledgeable trout writers in the region.

Living in Georgia, I often get blank stares returned when I mention trout fishing, waterfalls or mountains near home. Most folks picture peanuts, pine plantations, swamps or downtown Atlanta when they think of Georgia. Few think of rhododendron tunnels around tiny, tumbling branches loaded with spectacular-colored brook trout. I think much of the South shares similar stereotypes, so I'm thrilled to see a magazine that celebrates our Southern trout fishing tradition and provides good practical information to fishermen.

Welcome, Southern Trout!

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