Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fishing Around the Clock

Photo courtesy of Recycled Fish

Have you ever fished 24 hours straight? Ever thought about it? Right now would be a great time to think much more seriously about the idea.

Here's the deal:

Every year, Recycled Fish conducts a 24 Hour Fish-a-Thon, where anglers all over the country fish 24 hours straight to raise awareness about and funds to assist with problems facing local fisheries. The Fish-a-Thon, which is presented by Berkley, is sort of like a a walkathon, except instead of walking miles, you fish hours (which is a lot more fun), and folks pledge money to support a your local cause.

Teams, which can be any pre-registered group of two or more anglers, log and photograph their catches as they go and then send in the photos and catch details soon after, so everyone can compare notes about who was catching what at the same time. There are also prizes (really good ones) for fundraising and awareness efforts and catches, and cathes are tallied using a unique points system that takes into account the varying sizes of different species of fish.

The folks at Recycled Fish hope to get at least one team fishing in every state in the country. They have a quite a few already and a wide geographic mix, but there are still a lot of holes to fill.

Fish-a-Thon days are Sept. 7,8, but if you're even kind of interested, check out the details right now because the entry deadline is this Sunday, August 12. And if you can't fish, check out the causes other teams are fishing for and make a support pledge

The Mission Statement of Recycled Fish says: Recycled Fish is the non-profit organization of anglers living a lifestyle of stewardship both on and off the water because our lifestyle runs downstream.

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