Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autumn's Arrival Occuring in Georgia

Finding a leaf-littering roof upon returning from the road and seeing a 10-day forecast with no highs over 80 both suggest that fall really is arriving. Autumn color changes won't occur significantly in Georgia for a couple of weeks, at least, and our brightest hues remain more than a month distant. Still, change is in the air, and the homemade apple pie that helped welcome Nathaniel and me home from our travels truly did fit the season.

I'm glad to get to enjoy a week or so of early autumn at home before traveling again. Beginning early next week, things get busy again, beginning with a trip to Johnson City, Tennessee to hunt squirrels, fish for trout or smallmouths and attend a Southeastern Outdoor Press Association conference. Johnson City is well north of here and higher in the hills, so maybe there will be a few hints of color there.

The next trip takes me in the opposite direction -- well South of New Orleans, in fact -- and I don't expect fallish temperatures in the marsh. That's OK. The fishing for bull reds is supposed to be red hot during early October. Reds are seriously fun to catch, and I have high hopes of catching some "eater size" reds along with the heavyweights and bringing home a cooler filled with delicious fillets.

I suppose I'd better quit daydreaming about days ahead, though. I have lots of fish stories to write this week!

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