Sunday, September 23, 2012

Final All-Star Match-Up Set

All Star finalists Aaron Martens and Edwin Evers. B.A.S.S. Photo by Seigo Saito.

Aaron Martens and Edwin Evers both won their brackets comfortably yesterday and are set to go head to head today on Illinois' Lake Decatur. Martens and Evers had similar catches in the semi-final round on the same waters, with Martens weighing 8-13 and Evers weighing 8-6. Evers does not think he will be able to get back into the area he fished yesterday because the water level dropped significantly. Martens, on the other hand, intentionally left fish a couple of times yesterday. Both have figured out way to catch some of these fish in a lake that is fishing very tough, so it seems like execution will be critical and that any given fish on the line could make or break the final round.

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