Tuesday, September 4, 2012

'Hopper Hankering Resolved

Well, I did end up making few Bighopper casts yesterday afternoon (see yesterday morning's blog), but I came up empty, drawing only a single bluegill nip. It wasn't much of a test. I walked the section of bank where the weeds had been cut and made about a dozen casts. It was enough casts, though, that I believe I'd have drawn a couple of convincing strikes and possibly caught a bass or a bream if the fish had been looking up.

I knew it was a long shot. The grass had been cut several hours earlier, so the fish would have returned to where they had come from. And if they did indeed tapped into the grasshopper bounty, they were probably well fed by the time I got out there. Conditions also had changed completely and it was bright and sunny.

Of course, I wasn't that concerned about catching fish. I'd just been thinking about 'hopper fishing since having seeing the high grass being cut along the edges and had to get it out of my head.

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