Monday, October 8, 2012

Why You Come to Louisiana

"That's why you come to Louisiana," David Iverson said with a grin as he, Nathaniel and I all battled redfish. We'd found a big group by a jetty and every time someone would reel up one fish several others would follow. When that would happen, whoever didn't have one on needed only to drop a lure among then to hook up.  We had multiple doubles and triples within a few hours.
Top baits today were a Bomber Mud Minnow Curltail and Super Pogy. I fished mostly with the Pogy and caught fish by working it several different ways. The most productive technique overall was to let the bait fall a few seconds after casting it and then work it back with a series of rod lifts and pauses.
We have one more day remaining, and I suspect we'll start in the  area where we caught most of our fish this afternoon. It'll be interesting to see if the fish are still there and how they act.

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