Sunday, April 7, 2013

Asher's New Favorite Pond

We hadn't fished more than 20 minutes before Asher announced that the beaver pond had become his favorite of the three ponds on the property where my children and I often fish. It was Asher's first boating trip to the beaver pond, and despite the fact that we only had an hour or so to fish, the pond made a good first impression.

The spring bite obviously was a big factor. We'd already caught a few fish and missed a handful of others. The bass were seriously aggressive, and he caught a couple of nice bass. The beaver pond's appeals go beyond its bass population, though, and it is also my favorite of the three ponds and Nathaniel's. It's a true beaver pond, with no grass-covered man-made pond dam, and it's bounded by woods and little marshy backwaters. The entire pond is shallow and loaded with stumps, and there are no houses on the pond's banks. It's wilder and seems much more remote (despite being on the same property as the others and right at the edge of town), so fishing out there even for an hour or two seems like much more of an adventure.

Asher also said that if he gets to go camping on his birthday this year, he'd like to camp by the beaver pond. It seems possible that we might be able to make that happen!

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