Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bonus Catch

At first I thought a small bass had blasted out of the brush and pummelled my Money Craw. Then. when I got a glance at the hooked fish I thought it was an overzealous bluegill. When I pulled the fish into the boat I happily discovered that it was actually a warmouth, which is sort of like a bream with a bass' mouth. The fish wasn't very big and it didn't put up and impressive fight, but I was happy to have caught it because it was the first warmouth Nathaniel and I had ever seen come out of that particular pond. For me, a novel fun comes from catching something new from a given waterway and learning a little more about what lives there.

The warmouth also helped me add to my 2013 species list, which has been slow getting going. It marked species No. 6. Of the species I've been able to put on this year's list, three have come from the same ponds in my home town, and three have come from North Carolina's Nantahala River. I have big hopes of building the list next week through fishing travels planned in Tennessee and Arkansas. Black and white crappie, smallmouth bass and rock bass are among the most likely additions.

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