Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dock Corner Pitch

As we passed the edge of little dock, Asher couldn't resist a short pitch to a corner dock support. He placed a Watsit Grub right off the corner, let it drop and immediately set the hook. The resistance looked so solid that I actually thought he had hooked wood at first, but it didnt' take long to see that his deeply bent ultralight rod was pulsing. Asher, who was rigged for bluegills with 6-pound test and a 1/16-ounce grub, was grinning madly as battled to get the bass close enough to the edge of he canoe for for me to lip land it for him. Asher's bass, which probably weighed about 2 pounds, was one of eight fish we caught during our short pond outing, but it was by far the most exciting. Asher's other two fish were bluegills. I caught a handful of peanut bass but no bluegills.

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