Friday, May 3, 2013

April Showers Bring August Catches

OK. It doesn't rhyme like "bring May flowers." Still, I'm convinced that all the wonderful rain we had during April (which appears to be continuing in the early May forecast at least) bodes well for fishermen late in the summer, when fishing often gets tough in the Deep South.

I'm specifically thinking about stream fishing, especially for trout, because when Southern Appalachian streams run low late in the summer, they also get pretty warm and the fish go into survival mode. The fact is, though, that the major dose of rain that's drenched much of the South this spring pours life into rivers and reservoirs alike, and I can't imagining it being anything other than a good thing.

So don't frown on the next rainy Saturday (which looks like it might come tomorrow). Just put on your rain suit and get out there, and be glad for what the rain means to this summer's fishing opportunities and the long-term health of your favorite river or lake.

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