Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bugs & Rain Won

Yesterday afternoon's pond outing was pretty short. It didn't take long to figure out that the mosquitoes were far more apt to bite than the bass or the bream, so when a drizzle arose and then turned into a steady soaker, we decided to steer it toward home. That's a nice thing about having ponds nearby, I suppose. You can decide on a whim to fish for a while and if you decide to quite early, little is lost.

Nathaniel Asher and I did manage a few fish (one apiece, actually). Mine was a bluegill, and it actually came from the house pond, where we picked up a canoe for Nathaniel to use. Nathaniel and Asher each caught one bass from the beaver pond. I had several surface hits on a Rebel Bighopper, but they seemed to be from bream that were a little too small to fully engulf the bait.

A week or so ago Nathaniel and I fished the house pond for bluegills and the bite was really good, with the fish all over little grubs. I might need to slip back out there with Asher one day vary soon so that he can experience some of the same.

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