Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring at Last?

Spring has been slow arriving this year, but I don't have to tell that to anyone in the north. An article I read just this morning noted that Minnesota's walleye season opens this weekend but that anglers heading to the northern part of the state should call ahead to make certain the ice is off the lakes they want to fish and that their boats can be launched! Of course, that's what's going on way up north, but the extended winter weather hasn't been limited to the far Northcountry. It snowed last week in Missouri and even a bit in Arkansas. You don't get a lot of May snow in Arkansas!

The good news is that it should take quite a while for fish to fall into summer lulls this year. Everything -- from the bass in the pond to plant in our vegetable garden -- is behind, so spring-like fishing should extend longer than normal.

I'm Pennsylvania bound next week, and the long-range forecast looks great. I'm looking forward to spending a day apiece on three different Western Pennsylvania lakes and hopefully adding several species to my 2012 catch list. Keep an eye out here for fishing reports!

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