Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gear: Bomber 13 A -- Trout, Watch Out

I suppose trout would not like the news I got yesterday (if they could understand it), but I sure consider it good news. The Bomber 13A, the littlest of Bomber's classic Long A series, is coming back, and Bomber is adding a half a dozen really cool-looking new color patterns to the Long A line.

The return of the 13A, which is only 2 1/2 inches long but has the same basic profile and wobble as its big brothers, grabs my attention because that size is ideal for much of the trout fishing I do. The small size also makes this a fine bait for fishing ponds or wading warm-water creeks and casting for a mix of species. Still, it's a trout lure first in my mind.

The other sizes (14A, 3 1/2 inches; 14A, 4 1/2 inches), which are most popular with the bass crowd and among some saltwater fishermen, actually have their place in bigger trout streams, especially tailwaters, but the 13A has the right profile for me to tie one on much more frequently. Although several small minnow baits offer a somewhat similar profile, that Long A kick gives it a unique appeal.

The new color patterns, which were designed to suggest the prism-like reflective properties of baitfish scales, are available in all three sizes, including the Bomber 24-A, which is a deeper version of a 3 1/2-inch Long A. New colors are: Citrus Minnow, Chartreuse Shiner, Flip Shad, Royal Flush, Jade Minnow and Baby Drum. I'm torn about which the trout will like best, and I'm sure water color and the brightness of the skies will have a major impact. Flip Shad or Jade Minnow really catch my eye, but the trout will cast the votes that count.

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