Wednesday, June 19, 2013

North Alabama Ledge Run

Word has it that the ledge bite is going strong on Pickwick, so I'm Alabama bound this afternoon to see for myself. I'll be dividing time in the boat with Jimmy Mason and Jonathan Newton, both pros from that area and both authorities on ledge fishing on the Tennessee River.

For as big a deal as the ledge bite becomes throughout the summer and for as much time as I've spent on Pickwick, Kentucky Lake and other waters along the Tennessee River, I've not done much ledge fishing. Obviously, I'm looking forward to catching some chunky bass. Just as much, though, I'm looking forward to learning what draws the fish to the ledges, how changes in river flow impact positioning and bass behavior, how Jimmy and Jonathan position their boats, how they use their electronics, what presentations they prefer...

Be sure to watch this blog, my YouTube Channel, and my facebook fishing community page. I expect to have some good information to convey and plan to post some fish pics and at least a couple of new videos from this week's outing.

Blog updates have been slow coming for the past week or so, and I apologize to anyone who checks in regularly and anticipates something fresh. I very much appreciate folks who follow my blog, and do try to keep things updated. Non-fishing travel and other stuff just made computer time and access a little too thin and allowed me to fall behind last week. I'm back at it, though, so check back soon!

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