Sunday, June 30, 2013

Plans Stuck in the Mud.

It seemed like a good plan. Nathaniel wanted to bring his boat back to the pond-side spot where he most commonly keeps it, and we had a few hours of daylight left in the evening.

Warm and calm, it seemed like a fly rod night, so I rigged a Sneaky Pete on one rod and a Tellico Nymph on the other. Nathaniel, meanwhile, rigged his baitcasters with a buzzbait and a floating worm. Prospects were looking good.

What neither of us considered was that recent rains had one spot in a pond-side field we've driven across dozens of times seriously soft. The tires started spinning and the truck sinking, and soon we were stuck. Long story, short: Just before dark, a friend gave us a ride ride home, with the truck still stuck and not a cast having been made.

Tomorrow we'll resume trying to get the truck out, and maybe I'll find a chance to try casting those flies! I do believe I had chosen a good line-up.

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