Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pond Fish for Everyone

The plan had been that Asher and I would make a lap or two around the pond in the canoe while Autumn and Eli played at the beach with my wife. However, soon after Asher and I launched the canoe, the skies turned black and some strong wind gusts began sweeping the pond. Wanting neither to get flipped by a rogue wind nor caught on the wrong side of the pond if a thunderstorm suddenly came upon us, we pulled out the canoe and fished from that part of the shore, landing a few bass and bream.

After finishing there, we drove to the beach side of the pond to visit with the others and make a few casts from the dam. The second part of that got Autumn's and Eli's attention, and soon there were four of us walking the banks, three rods going and bream and bass being caught by everyone. Autumn caught one bass completely on her own, casting a weightless worm from the shore, working it back, hooking the fish when it bit and landing it. Asher then jumped in and took over unhooking and coaching his little sister on how to hold the fish. Eli and I tag-teamed efforts with a Road Runner Original Marabou to catch a couple of big bluegills and his first bass. Asher worked solo and caught several bass on the Asher Rig.

Nathaniel wasn't with us because he was fishing other ponds with a friend, and apparently they caught about 20 bass and bream between them, including a couple of pretty good bass. Sarah was kind enough to stay home with little Holly, who needs to at least start standing before she can fish, so everyone else could play.

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