Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pond Play

It's tough for Nathaniel and me to resist a quick trip to the pond on a nice afternoon, and we rarely regret the decision to go.

Results vary a surprising amount from day to day, considering we fish the same couple of small ponds most of the time. Sometimes the action is great; occasionally they are really tough. Typically we land at least a few fish and miss a few others.

Saturday sort of fell in the middle. We probably spent an hour and a half fishing, making one lap around the perimeter of the beaver pond, plus a pass through the center, and I believe we caught seven or eight fish. All except one were bass. I caught a single chunky bluegill on a Bobby Garland Stroll'R. The most productive single bait, which Nathaniel was throwing, was a 1/4-ounce BOOYAH Buzzbait.

Most days, one good lap around the pond is enough to get the fish sort of used to us being there and the bite slows. The beaver ponds holds out a little longer than the other ponds because it has cover throughout it and the fish are as likely to be in the middle as on the bank most days.

Fortunately, the bite typically wanes about the same time as I get ready to abandon the johnboat seat and to head back home to settle in for the evening. I'd keep fishing if the fish were really hammering our baits, but an hour or two typically is just enough to make for a very nice outing on a summer afternoon.

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