Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain

Asher and I seem to pick our pond days to coincide with the days when afternoon rains materialize. The last three times we've launched a canoe or johnboat, the rain has set in soon after we launched. We don't mind the rain on its own. In fact, Asher would fish all day in a genuine drencher. Unfortunately, yesterday's rain brought with it rumbles of thunder and a storm that appeared to be getting closer, and the previous outing brought heavy wind gusts that made things iffy with an 8-year-old in a canoe.

The bad thing about both days shortened plans is that the fish were biting really well. Yesterday, we only fished about 15 minutes before the lightning threat pushed us off the pond, and we caught four fish and had several other strikes. Asher is becoming pretty skilled casting and working lures.

Some day soon I trust we'll get to get out there and really fish, and when we do I believe we will catch them well.

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