Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bluegill Bite the Main Attraction

The fact that Nathaniel and I scored a double to get things started during yesterday's pond outing wasn't so unusual. The odd part was the fact that he caught the bluegill and I caught the bass. Usually, I'm the one who reaches first for the ultralight while he has trouble putting down his bass rod. In truth, I caught my bass on my ultralight, but it our double seemed backward, and Nathaniel really had set down his bass rod and picked up his ultralight.

Nathaniel's bluegill set the tone for our short afternoon outing. His "little pole" was rigged with a tiny Lindy Watsit Grub, and from the time he caught that bream, I'm not sure he put it down, because virtually every time he cast it to the pond's edge, he got hit, and often he would end up hooked up with a good-sized bluegill. In fact it wasn't long before I found myself digging in the box for a Watsit of my own so I could get on the action too. I caught a couple of 'gills on my starter, but he probably caught 10 in the same amount of time.
I also managed to pull a couple of crappie off the pond's spillway structure after I switched to a Watsit; however, the bluegills absolutely were the main attraction. Weather and time dependent, we might slip back out to the same pond this afternoon, and if we do, I'll be you can guess how we'll both be rigged to start the outing!

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