Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gear: Classic Meets Innovation in Ugly Stik GX2

Some things just can't wait.

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik changed the world of fishing when I was11 years old, and I got my first one soon after. So I've been fishing with Ugly Stiks (both my own and in other people's boats) from time to time for most of my fishing years. Therefore, when a new Ugly Stick GX2 arrived at my house yesterday, I knew I had to slip out to the beaver pond for at least one lap. I felt a need to cast the new Ugly Stik and hopefully feel it bent and wobbling. So I spooled the reel with Spiderwire Stealth Glo-Vis Braid (also new and very cool, but that's another story), tied on a Daiichi 2/O Catch and Release circle hook and grabbed a package of Berkley Havoc Subwoofers. Then Nathaniel and I headed out after dinner for a quick evening outing.

Time was short and the fish weren't going wacky, but I'm happy to report that a couple of fish did choose to cooperate, allowing me to feel the new rod more fully in action.

As billed, the GX2 looks and feels mostly like a classic Ugly Stik, and while no situation tested this part, word is that the new rods feature every bit of the toughness that has always been the signature of an Ugly Stik. New features include far improved guides, which are insert-free, a new construction Shakepeare is calling Ugly Tech and a blank-through-reel-seat design. The result of the latter two changes is a little lighter feel and a better balanced combination.

Like Classic Ugly Stiks, the new ones are black with a clear tip section and with the traditional gold markings near the handle. However, and embossed logo on the foam grip and some red accents give them a slightly newer and more dressed up look.

I've only got to try out the new Ugly Stik for about 45 minutes so far, but you can trust it will get used to catch a lot of different kinds of fish.

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