Saturday, July 27, 2013

Revitlizing Tube & 'Toons

Today Nathaniel and I took note of the personal pontoons and float tubes piled against the back of the house and decided it was time to check out their condition. None had been inflated in a few years, and they all were covered with mud and looking pitiful. The float tubes work really nicely for pond fishing, and the pontoons are ideal for floating rivers. The latter will be event more useful next summer, when Nathaniel can drive and we can put a vehicle at each end of a section of river.

Turns out one of each kind of boat is looking good and can be inflated with the pumps and fittings we have right now. One of the float tubes appears to need a new tube. Both pontoons boats look like they are in good shape, but we are missing the pump fitting needed to fill up one of them. Knowing what we need, I can shop the missing pieces and hopefully get them all in good order.

Of course, now that I see what is working, you can imagine that I'm pretty eager to put one on the water and put it back to work with a rod in my hand. We'll see if one finds  a pond before the day is over!

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