Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fisherman-Friendly Packaging

Informative packaging from Sebile's new Action First series.
The package instructions said to wait for all the rings to disappear after my new black Hula Popper landed on the water, so that was exactly what I did, and then I waited several seconds before I popped the lure again. That technique stretched the patience of a 10-year-old boy, but the result was my first bass caught on a topwater lure, plus many others on subsequent trips.

Any time I got a new lure as a boy, step No. 1 was to read every word printed on or tucked inside the package. I wanted to know what situations it was designed for, how it was different from my other lures, how the manufacturer suggested working it and any tips that were offered. I still sometimes use the Rapala Loop Knot that I learned from packaging instructions.

Sadly (from my perspective), information printed on most lure packages is far less instructional in nature than once was the case. Primary packaging space largely gets used for sales pitches, legal disclaimers and extra language translations, and things like inserts or added flaps are generally seen as only adding cost. Some lures do still contain instructions, but most are extremely brief and more generic than once was commonly the case, and it's not uncommon for a company to use the same couple of tips for numerous lures.

Because I do like the old way, the packaging being used for Sebile's new Action First series of lures caught my attention. Each lure in the series was created for a specific primary task, and that task is explained through illustrated tips on an peripheral packaging flap. The tips aren't long, but they are specific to each lure, as is a breakdown of features on each lure's package.

I typically need to play with a new lure at the lake to find the applications that work best for me, and at times my favorite applications probably are different from anything the lure designer had in mind. That said, I like know why a lure was created, and I think that many anglers who buy lures value a bit of instruction to help get them started with their new purchase. I think the new Sebile packaging is cool, and I hope it's a step back in the direction of more information for lure companies.

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