Saturday, September 14, 2013

Where Do They Go?

The beaver pond bass left Nathaniel and me baffled today. We don't know where they went.

I'm never that amazed to not catch fish -- even in really good waters. Fish are fish, and sometimes they just don't eat or I just don't figure them out. We didn't see much sign of the fish at all, though. I caught one small bass, Nathaniel had one strike, and he saw one other fish swim past the boat. That was it.

What makes that noteworthy is that the pond only covers a couple of acres and it is extremely shallow, even at normal levels. It was ultra low and clear today, leaving the almost all of the pond less than two feet deep. As many fish as we catch from the same pond when the bite is going, it's hard to imagine where so many fish could go to keep us from even seeing them.

The pond does have some backwaters around it that we can't get to, and a passing creek does connect through brush, so maybe the fish somehow get into those waters where the boat can't go. And maybe they were simply laying low at the bases of stumps or way up under trees. Even so, it seems like there are more bass than available hiding places, so I really don't know where they all went.

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