Friday, December 27, 2013

Day After Christmas Pond Visit

The day after Christmas, like the day after Thanksgiving, is a good day to not be at a store of any kind. However, I found it also was a tough day to sit at my computer and write fish stories. While I did get some work done early, I found my mind wandering to other places (mostly rivers and lakes) as the day progressed and finally resolved that if my mind was on the water, I probably should join it.

Nathaniel seemed to think similarly because he was sort of walking around in circles and he didn't object when I suggested that we should go gather a little pond junk. We decided to keep it short and simple, grabbing only stuff for the middle of the pond and a vertical approach.

Turns out the stuff we brought was all we needed to catch some fish during a short afternoon outing. The fish were close to the bottom, near the pond dam, right where we expected them to be, and we caught them on ice jigs tipped with earthworm pieces and fished straight below the boat. A few were fairly nice bream. All were fun, and I got a few nice photos, which was more productive than sitting at home, gazing at my computer screen and daydreaming about fishing.

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