Monday, January 6, 2014

Craws, Minnows & Bugs

Another Michael's visit to pick up art supplies for my daughter while my wife and I were out and about. Another walk down the fur and feather aisle and the yarn aisle, both resulting in new materials for me to play with at home.

Little by little I'm building my bug-making supplies and figuring out the qualities of different materials. Little by little, feather, fur and foil wrappings are turning into imitations of shad, aquatic insect larvae and crawfish, plus a few gaudy attractors. Some have been water tested so I know how they move in the water. Others look sort of like I want them to when I hold them in my hand, but I've not yet seen how they swim or fall through the water column and how the characteristics of the materials change when they get wet.

I do know that trout will eat some of my Ugly Bugs. Next week, I'll get to test some little ones through the ice on Pennsylvania perch, crappie and bluegills. I have a few bugs in my head in mind that I want to make real for that trip. Better get to tying, I guess.

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