Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Real Fur & Feathers

With Ugly Bug Central gradually taking shape in my office, I'm continuing to learn how different materials can be used and pondering sources. As chronicled in past blogs, I've gained a new fondness for craft stores and the craft section of Walmart, and my oldest daughter has brought me some fluffy and flashy stuff that has worked nicely.

It would be easy to overlook the obvious. This weekend I am headed to Alabama's Black Belt Region for "Cast & Blast" media event, where I'll be spending some time bass fishing and some time hunting deer and ducks. It just struck me this morning that I could have the opportunity to bring home some real bucktail and bright-colored duck feathers, and maybe even some hair from a wild hog or a coyote. I don't know the characteristics of the latter two and how they would perform as jig skirt material, but there's only one way to find out.

Thinking about it more, my vice is a tabletop sort that's extremely portable. I might just have to tote it along, along with some thread and just a few other materials, just in case there's something I'm eager to get onto a hook! Depending on the order of things, I might even get to test some new creation in the lakes on the same property!

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