Saturday, February 22, 2014

Guntersville: A Fishing Town, A Fishing Lake

Apparently, Guntersville schools took an in-service day yesterday. Administrators knew that everyone (including themselves) would want to be at the Bassmaster Classic launch and then to follow the action through the day, so they called it a day off. They also used the local high school for remote parking and the school buses as shuttles. And the crowd that showed up to watch the launch at first light, which included the mayor of Guntersville, may have been a Day 1 record, from what I heard. I didn't make it out there this morning, but I'll be the crowd was even bigger!

Many lakes offer good bass fishing -- even great bass fishing -- but many are what I would consider recreational lakes that offer great fishing. I like Guntersville because it is a fishing lake first that also offers opportunities for other recreation. When folks think of Lake Guntersville, they think about fishing, and fishing also forms the center of the culture in the town of Guntersville.

Right now, there are signs on business all over town, saying, "Welcome Fishermen," "Welcome BASS," "Welcome to the Bassmaster Classic" and such. You'd think with an event of such magnitude, you'd always see that, but you don't. Guntersville folks are fishermen, and they appreciate the fishermen who visit their town and their lake, whether for the Bassmaster Classic or for a regular weekend fishing trip. I've sensed the same welcome from the folks around town and heard the same story from the anglers and other media.

Of course, when you look at the fish coming across the stage, you can see why Guntersville has developed as such a great fishing town. And most pros seem to think the best weights are yet to come. I'm eager to see that, and for the moment, I'm just glad the Classic is being held at Lake Guntersville and that I'm here to enjoy it.

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