Sunday, February 16, 2014

One is Better than None

It might have been a stretch to visit the pond yesterday afternoon. Nathaniel and I probably convinced ourselves that it had warmed more than it had and that more afternoon remained than really was the case. Still, I'm glad we went. We were able to squeeze in one quick lap before dark, and I was able to convince one bream to eat flashy little minnow-imitating Ugly Bug. Nathaniel also managed one bite on a shaky head, but the fish didn't bite decisively enough to get hooked.

Of course, Nathaniel already had two species on his tally yesterday. He had spent the morning with a
friend trout fishing in North Carolina and caught his first brook trout and rainbow trout of 2014. He was really hoping for just one bass from the pond so he could add three species in a day, even with a cold- and warm-water mix of species. That wasn't in the cards, though.

One bonus of yesterday's outing was that we rode down to the beaver pond to give it a glance, and the water level appears to be creeping back up toward where it should be. It remains low, but it appears high enough to get the johnboat in and out reasonably. Sunny late-winter and early-spring days produced some of last year's best action on the beaver pond, so it might be almost time to move the boat back over there.

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