Monday, February 3, 2014

Open Window Weather?

Considering the cold that crashed through less than a week ago and the snow and ice that plagued southern roadways, it's kind hard to believe just how nice it is outside today. Local weather reports 63, and I'm confident it's every bit of that, with the sun shining brightly and only light breeze. Sadly, I'm mostly just weather watching through a window (an open window, if you can believe that) and haven't gone farther outside the house than the garbage can. I'd love to visit a creek this week, but next week's travel plans and stuff due collectively suggest that I probably need to sit right here and write fish stories.

Unless I do slip out somewhere for a few hours this week, my next fishing time will be spent on the ice in Northern Minnesota, where highs have hovered somewhere around zero and lows have gone way below that most days for the past few weeks. I am not complaining, though. It's my own choice to chase after ice-fishing stories and photos instead of going to Florida to fish for bass or snook this time of year, and in truth I don't mind the cold for ice-fishing.

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