Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chasing Rainbows

Nathaniel's first cast of the morning had barely landed when a brown trout nabbed his jerkbait. That fish, which got off boatside, was the only brown we saw today. Rainbows were seriously cooperative, though, and I'd guess between a morning in a guide boat and a couple of hours of afternoon wading, we caught about 50 rainbow trout.
We fished this morning with Gaston's guide Richie Hayes, who did an amazing job of handling the boat in seriously strong winds. We mostly threw jerkbaits and caught the bulk of our fish on an XCalibur XT3 Twitch Bait or a Rebel minnow.
After lunch we waded a shoal just downstream of the cabins at Gadton's and found fish stacked up ina few places. We caught fish on a handful of baits, including a Rebel Minnow and Wee Craw, but the No.1 producer was one of my Ugly Bugs - a little white and pink one.
Adding an extra element of fun, eight of our trout came in four separate rainbow doubles.

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