Sunday, March 23, 2014

Starting to Look Up

Nathaniel and I only caught one bass apiece during yesterday's short evening visit to the beaver pond, but we saw good signs of the changing season.

Nathaniel caught his bass on a buzzbait, and I caught mine on a weightless swimbait, which I was swimming high enough in the water column to create a little wake. Nathaniel also had another blow-up on the same buzzbait, and I had a fish tease me terribly by pushing up a big bulge right behind my lure and following the lure almost to the boat before turning away.

I'm pretty excited that he fish were looking up to feed. I also like the fact that we could fish comfortably in short sleeves! I know we still have some cool days ahead, but it's beginning to seem more like spring.


  1. Beautiful photo! Did you fry up those fish??

    1. Thank you! Bass smiled for the camera and then went back in the pond.