Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bronze by Day; Stripes by Night

Nathaniel and I had fun bass fishing on Norfork Lake with bass pro Chad Morgenthaler today. We somehow stayed ahead of the rain and got in a good day of fishing, catching quite a few bass, including a handful of nice largemouths and smallmouths.

We're back in our cabin right now, resting a bit and looking forward to some barbecue and another round of fishing, if the weather once again allows us to get out. The plan tonight is to throw Rogues for stripers! I hope the rain stays away because I'm definitely looking forward to casting into the darkness for hard-hitting stripers.

Tomorrow, walleyes are on the agenda.

The diversity of the Norfork Lake fishery is amazing. So far, Nathaniel and I have seen eight species of fish come into the boats we've been in, and we've not yet fished for stripers or walleyes! That also doesn't include the brown trout Nathaniel caught on Tuesday from just down the road from here, right before we checked in at Mockingbird Bay Resort.

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