Saturday, April 12, 2014

Smaller Nanofil Spooled & Ready

"Do you think it's the rod, reel or line?" Nathaniel asked me about my casts, which were consistently traveling a seriously long distance. We were fishing jerkbaits across broad bars, where longer casts simply met more time with the bait in the zone, and my casts were consistently traveling farther than his (which isn't normal when we are rigged similarly."

"Maybe rod and then line," I suggested. I wasn't sure though, because our rods were similar in length in action and both well balanced, so between casts, we traded.

We again cast toward the same bank and his cast traveled a good 20 feet farther than mine. "It's the line!" we stated simultaneously and with equal certainty. He was struck by how effortlessly my line flew of the reel. I felt his line grabbing when I cast.

Nathaniel's line wasn't stiff or old. It was a soft, light copolymer that handles well and is actually quite castable. I was fishing with Berkley Nanofil, though, and we were both amazed by just how well it cast. I've been fishing with 8-pound Nanofil on a couple of rods for a while now, and have really been happy with its performance. However, that was the first time I had a direct comparison with another rod rigged the same -- other than the line type -- and I'm absolutely sold.

Castability is the no. 1 selling point of Nanofil, a relatively new "uni-filament" that was designed for spinning reels and offers tremendously small diameter, relative to break strength.

So far, I've only fished 8-pound test and have only used a highly visible white version, which definitely requires a leader for trout or other clear-water fish. I just spooled a couple of my trout reels with 4- and 6-pound low-vis green Nanofil and am eager to put those reels and that line to work! Looks like that opportunity might come tomorrow, so I'd better get some fish stories finished and some other trout junk gathered!

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