Monday, April 21, 2014

Ugly Bugs Improving a Bit

No one would accuse my Ugly Bugs of being pretty, and I know my tying techniques don't follow the book. I do think I'm gaining better form overall, and I know the jigs I'm tying now have better durability than those from even a few months ago.

The bulk of my jigs are natural sorts, either minnow patterns like those pictured above, crawfish imitations or black attractors that look a little bit like a lot of things that trout and other fish commonly eat. I also tie some extra ugly ones with a lot of flash and a good dose of pink, because the trout seem pretty fond of those.

I'm not sure how my Ugly Bugs will fit into this week's fishing plans on Norfork Lake -- or whether they will fit in at all. Still, it's a safe bet that my bug box will be in the truck when Nathaniel and I pull out tomorrow morning and within reach when I'm on the water. I might even toss in the vice and a few materials. Just in case!

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