Friday, May 23, 2014

Durability Lacking

Well, I guess need to work on my tying mechanics. The fish made pretty quick work of an Ugly Bug yesterday. The good news is that the damage was done by a dozen bream and bass landed in about 45 minutes. So apparently it looked OK when we started the afternoon. It just wasn't put together very well. And it wasn't just that the fish were so aggressive that anything would work about the same. Nathaniel and I each tried other miniature offerings -- proven 'gill getters at times -- and those didn't do the job nearly as well.

A little better finish and a dab of cement would have served me well, I suppose. In fact, I ought to invest a bit of time watching a few videos about tying mechanics. One way or another, I know I need to get some more feathers on that jighead soon! Maybe before tomorrow, in fact. Trout waters await, and I sort of think the trout might like the same pattern.

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