Monday, May 26, 2014

No Georgia on my Species List

Saturday's catch on the Nantahala River included a couple of brook trout -- my first brookie of this year.

When I added brook trout to the written list that I keep I couldn't help but notice that I've added fish from five different states, but not my home state of Georgia. Don't get me wrong. I've caught fish in Georgia this year. As recently as Friday, in fact. I only record the first fish of any give species, and none of the first fish have come from Georgia waters.

The brook trout, which came from North Carolina, was species 15. I've also caught "first fish" from Pennsylvania, Minnesota and New York. I also noticed that so far I've added at least one new fish each month of the year. Given fishing travel plans to South Dakota, Wisconsin and Mexico in June, it seems likely that streak will continue.

The Black Hills region, where I'm headed next, offers a big variety of species, so I won't try to guess what kind of fish I'll get to add next. Of course, I might end up slipping out and fishing somewhere close to home between now and next Monday, when I fly to South Dakota. So maybe Georgia will be next!

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