Saturday, May 3, 2014

Round 1 to the Fish

Well, the fish won today. With everything way behind (here, like most places) and most water in Sturgeon Bay hovering close to 40 degree, the fish simply hadn't moved up even to the places where they normally show up first and typically are already using when Wisconsin's bass season opens.

Although the fish didn't cooperate, I had a great time running about the bay and learning about it and am very appreciative of Chris Johnson and Doug McDonald, who hit it hard, covering a lot of water, trying a lot of stuff and teaching me a bunch. Both grew up in Door County, and they have been friends since sixth grade and tournament partners for nearly 25 years. For me it was a fun day of learning about a beautiful area and about the bass fishery that Bassmaster just named No. 1 in the nation. And despite the fish not showing themselves today, I know the fishery truly is world-class.

Tomorrow our smallmouth quest goes a few miles south to the Fox River, which feeds the Bay of Green Bay close to the city of Green Bay. I'll keep you posted when I can!

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