Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sandwich Smallmouths

No, this isn't about eating bass.

Instead, its about catching bass while trying to eat my lunch. I caught three chunky smallmouths today before I could finish a simple roast beef and provolone sandwich. More noteworthy than those particular fish, though, was what I learned from them.

Catching smallmouths wasn't a tough task today. Capt. Frank Campbell had us in the right spot, and the fish were pouncing on tubes. I got off to a slow start, though. In fact, I think Bob George of Buck Knives had five or six fish before I landed my first one, and he and Mike Kelley of Flambeau Outdoors were whacking them way faster than me in the morning. I was catching some bass, but at a far slower pace, through most of the day.

My catching pace picked up when I picked up my sandwich because it forced me to slow down. I thought I was working my bait fairly slowly already, but when I fished with a sandwich in one hand, I no longer had a reeling hand that could do any more than bump the handle a bit to pick up slack. So I pretty well moved the bait the speed the boat was drifting, which was quite slow, jiggling the tube place, pausing it and hopping it only when we'd moved far enough to do so without reeling.

That change of pace made all the difference, and I kept up with the other guys for the rest of the time we targeted smallmouths via that simple change of pace. They still outfished me for the full day, but only by a few fish, which said a lot after my slow start.

Thank you, sandwich.

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